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L21R's Guide to Mexico’s Day of the Dead Festival

For three days each year between October 31st and November 2nd, families and friends across Mexico commemorate those they have lost in the name of Día de Muertos. It may take place around the same time as Halloween, but don’t be fooled by the name: Day of the Dead is not meant as a festival of fear, but as a celebration of life, packed with music, food, parades and parties. Deeply rooted in Mexican culture, Día de Muertos was traditionally quite a private affair in which families honored their dead, but the opening sequence to popular James Bond film Spectre, set in Mexico City during the parade, has opened the eyes of the world to these festivities, and turned them into a major tourist attraction for the country. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Mexico at this special time of year, why not join the celebrations for a day or two? After all, as they say, ‘Death is a part of life, and life should be celebrated!’ Here’s our ultimate guide to experiencing Day of the Dead...

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A Night at Coco Bongo - a Travelogue

I have been to Cancun at least a half dozen times and thought I had done everything that there is to do. From visiting archeological parks to organizing a family reunion. However, my daughter treated me to Cancun to celebrate my 50th birthday in Coco Bongo and proved me wrong.

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An Unexpected Voyage to Cancun - a Travelogue

After being married for five wonderful years, one day out of the blue, my husband announced that we were travelling to Cancun to celebrate our upcoming anniversary! We live in a small town in Ohio and we don’t do a lot of travelling or anything exciting for that matter, but now we were a few months away from being in paradise for a whole week!

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The 5 Best Romantic Getaways in Mexico

For an all-out honeymoon, or just a casual weekend break, there's nothing like the unique romantic getaways in Mexico! There is plenty on offer, so here are our top 5 destinations for romantic retreats...

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