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A Night at Coco Bongo - a Travelogue

Coco Bongo

I've visited Cancun at least a half dozen times. I've been in the main parks and archeological sites, attended a wedding and organized a family reunion. I thought I had done everything that there is to do. But my daughter treated me to Cancun to celebrate my 50th birthday in the famous nightclub: Coco Bongo and proved me wrong.

50th Birthday Experience in Cancun

She booked the Krystal Cancun hotel for 4 days. It had to be a quick trip because of her work. I normally stay in other hotels, but she told me she picked the Krystal for a very specific reason. It was close to Coco Bongo, the most famous nightclub in town.

I was turning 50 and really did not care for nightclubs. I thought maybe she wanted to go on her own, so I didn’t think anything of it. My intention was just to relax by the beautiful white sandy beach, rest in the warm Caribbean Sea and have some refreshing cocktails by the pool.

As the second day went by, my daughter hadn’t mentioned anything about going to Coco Bongo, so I thought she had forgotten about it. To be honest it made me feel uneasy, I didn’t want to go, and I didn’t want her to go by herself, the whole idea was just absurd.

We had dinner at the hotel’s Mexican restaurant, El Mortero. We had outstanding fajitas, refreshing pomegranate margaritas and a mouthwatering chocolate tamale with vanilla ice cream. It was all so delicious!

By the end of the meal, we came back to our room at around 8:30 pm and suddenly, my daughter announces we had to get ready because we were going to Coco Bongo. I was shocked, and we started to argue. My daughter is an excellent negotiator, so she convinced me to go,  assuring me that we were going to be safe and have a fun time.

Then, I texted my husband, back home in Chicago, and told him about our plans. He was ready to go to bed. He was also shocked but told us to be safe and to text him when we were back at the hotel.

Once in Coco Bongo

We got ready and walked  down to Coco Bongo. We were there by 10 pm.

I figured we would be there for a couple of hours and then I would nag my daughter to go back to the hotel.

She purchased us the gold member tickets which meant we were able to get our drinks quickly and had special seats. The bar was also all you can drink!

Our seats were truly awesome and we had an incredible view of the whole club.

We were seated by a couple who were around my age and got the opportunity to talk to them a little bit. They told me that they come to Cancun once a year and always have a night out at Coco Bongo during their vacation. I was so surprised.

As the night progressed I started to feel at ease and welcomed. It was so entertaining and the crowd was energized. The shows were electrifying. They acted out scenes from some famous movies; Beetlejuice, 300, Batman, Moulin Rouge, among others, which were all perfectly executed. Also some amazing performances from Madonna, Michael Jackson and Queen, just to mention a few.

Coco Bongo

Beyonce Show

Coco Bongo

Guns N' Roses performance

However, my favorite part where the aerial shows. My daughter said that it was like being at Cirque du Soleil and in a night club in Ibiza at the same time-I had to agree.

It was such a unique and wonderful experience! I think these shows could easily rival Las Vegas!

By the time I started to feel tired, it was 4 am! I couldn’t believe it and didn't remember the last time I stayed up that late! We walked back to the hotel and went directly to bed. I did text my husband first. He couldn’t believe the time either.

I told my daughter that I was probably going to sleep all day long. She said she was too. I also said that next time we should bring her dad to Coco Bongo and she just laughed. Then she said, that in that case, we should stay at the Krystal resort again. It was so close from Coco Bongo, the food was exquisite, the staff was friendly and the hotel was really nice.

What a wild way to celebrate turning 50! It is never too late to step out of your comfort zone! So now I’m looking forward to many more wild nights in Cancun.

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