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An Unexpected Voyage to Cancun - a Travelogue

Krystal Cancun, Caribbean View Balcony

After being married for five wonderful years, one day out of the blue, my husband announced that we were travelling to Cancun to celebrate our upcoming anniversary! We live in a small town in Ohio and we don’t do a lot of travelling or anything exciting for that matter, but now we were just a few months away from being in paradise for a whole week!

The anxiously awaited day arrived, and we had to be at the airport at 3 am. We did not sleep at all, too excited and worried that we would miss our flight. After boarding the plane, and six and a half hours later - including a short stop over in Fort Lauderdale, we finally set foot in our resort, the Krystal Cancun hotel.

It was slightly past noon when we checked in, so our room wasn’t quite ready yet. Reception gave us our wristbands, so we could start using the all-inclusive facilities and have something to eat and drink. We were tired, starving and annoyed, and we really wanted our room, but after eating at the Aquarium Café with a gorgeous view of the sea we felt much better and waited for our room to be ready by 3:00.

Krystal Cancun, Room with a view

When we got to our room, we were pleased to see that it was bright and spotless with a wonderful view of the Caribbean off of our personal balcony! We unpacked and got settled in to our room, and since we were so tired we took a little mid-day nap.

When we awoke it was dinner time, so we got ready and went to the hotel’s Mexican themed restaurant, Hacienda el Mortero. We enjoyed some delicious mexican food and awesome margaritas!

Krystal Cancun, Hacienda el Mortero
Coco Bongo, Cancun

After dinner we left the hotel to walk around. The hotel was within walking distance to Coco Bongo (a nightly show described to be better than a Las Vegas show!), all kinds of restaurants, and even a grocery store, so we got some snacks and bottles of water and went back to the hotel.

We spent most of our time at Krystal either at the swim up bar or relaxing on a Balinese bed in front of the ocean, admiring the stunning view. We also took a couple’s massage right at the beach! We just couldn’t get enough of the white sands and turquoise sea!

Krystal Cancun, Swim up bar
Caminero Tacos, Cancun

Although we had the all-inclusive package at the hotel (which naturally includes all you can eat and drink ... I just love Mexico!), we ended up eating out a couple of times. There were so many good restaurants nearby, including a taco place, called Caminero Tacos, which we just couldn’t resist ... and of course, we couldn't resist the Coronas either!

We also got to go on a tour to Isla Mujeres, a beautiful little island just off the coast of Cancun. What a charm! They took us snorkeling with the turtles and starfish! We toured the island in a golf cart and went to the lighthouse. The scenery was just astonishing. We were in awe!

Isla Mujeres, Punta Sur

On our anniversary day, the hotel decorated our room and delivered a bottle of wine, chocolates, candy, and flowers from my husband. At night, he surprised me with a romantic dinner at the beach! It was delightful! Lobster, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries under a starry sky with the waves of the Caribbean rhythmically washing ashore.

We really had the most relaxing week of our lives; away from our demanding - time consuming jobs. Although we didn’t go on lots of tours, we enjoyed ourselves so much. We unwound and forgot about our stress. We fell in love with Cancun and we decided to come back every year for our anniversary. Next time we will definitely go to Coco Bongos for a show and dance!

Luna R

Cancun Lover for Life, Ohio, USA.

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