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Latitude 21 Resorts is the premier timeshare For-Rent-By-Owner
advertising platform for Hawaii, Mexico, and
the Caribbean.

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Our system has been uniquely configured to allow individuals who own resort weeks (timeshares, vacation clubs, points, fractional ownerships, or private residence clubs) to rent their memberships to others.

is the Premier FRBO Vacation Rental Advertising Service

Niche Market

We only advertise properties in Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. This allows us to drive traffic that is specifically looking for great beach destinations to your ad. More traffic means more offers and more income for you.

Targeted Lead Campaigns

We specifically drive targeted leads to your ads. We do this through a variety of paid online advertisement models, organic search engine optimization, email blasts, and outbound call campaigns. We work hard at rentals so that you don’t have to.

Local Affiliation

We actively partner with companies with local affiliations in our niche destinations. This means we can radically improve the services offered to your renters by including activities, ground transport, property management, hosting services, and direct booking privileges (for owners of resort weeks).

Create Extra Income in Three Easy Steps

Signing up to rent out your vacation weeks is easy!


Contact Latitude21Resorts!
Either click Here or give us a call, toll free, at 1 (855) 770-5270 in the USA or Canada, +52 1 55-7100-2007 in Mexico, or
+1 (302) 696-0995 internationally.


Confirm Your Ownership!
Give potential renters reassurance that the property you advertise is the property you own! This is a simple process, we just require you to send us something that proves who you are (any kind of official ID will work) and what you own (i.e. the cover page of a purchase contract, a utility bill, a deed, or a mortgage statement).


Set Up Your Ad!
Don’t worry, this is really easy too. You just need to log in, and fill out a brief questionnaire and (in the case of a private residence) upload some photos. It’s easy to do on your own, but if you need help our agents are always standing by to walk you through it.

Important Additional Info

Who controls the rental?

You do! It’s your property! You are always in direct control of your advertisement and you approve all people who stay in your property ahead of time.

What do you charge for your services?

Great question! If you are an owner of a private home (i.e. a traditional real estate investment, owned all year round) then there is no upfront fee to set-up your advertisement. If you are the owner of a vacation weeks program (i.e. timeshare, vacation club, points program, fractional, or other shared ownership membership) there is a simple one-time fee for a lifetime advertisement. We do charge a small annual renewal of $54.99 to keep your ad active and showing on the platform. Don’t worry, if there are some years when you don’t want to rent your property, then simply don’t pay the renewal and your ad will be inactive for that year. When you’re ready to rent again, give us a quick call and our agents will happily reactivate your advertisement.

How does make money?

Another good question! We charge a 3.5% credit card processing fee to the property owner and a 10% guest service fee to the renter once your property rents out. Latitude21Resorts does not charge a booking fee.

How does compare with the competition?

Awesome question! We’ve done our homework to make sure that we are offering the most competitive price on the market. Check out this handy infographic below to see how we measure up.

When will I get paid?

The property owner receives their rental payment 7-10 days after the renter leaves the property.

How much income will I receive?

Private Home Owners: How much you charge is ultimately up to you. You will approve or decline all offers made on your property. In the case of a private home, it’s a great idea to do a little research on what other property owners are charging for their homes. Remember you can always adjust your price after the advertisement has been set-up. Vacation Weeks Owners: Again, how much you charge to rent your property is ultimately up to you. You will approve or decline all offers made on your property. Owners of vacation weeks can generally estimate a gross rental at about 125% to 250% of their maintenance fee. In the case of all-inclusive properties you can estimate a gross rental of the average daily rate in your property minus about 10%. However, these are just estimates. There is a lot of variation in rental rates depending on seasonal demand and the type of unit that you own. Our agents will guide you through the pricing process, but it always helps to do a little research on what other property owners are charging for the same thing.