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How to Enjoy Cancun's Nightlife

Cancun Nightlife, Where the Party is At!

Cancun may be known for its amazing beaches, but when the sun sets there’s a nightlife scene that surpasses all expectations. From the most mouth-watering culinary experiences, to the trendiest bars and some incredible clubs, Cancun really has it all.

To fuel your night ...

Cancun Nightlife, Where the Party is At!

The best nights often start with the best food, and Cancun delivers choice here in spades.

One great option to set the tone for the evening is Nomads Kitchen and Bar. Nomads is a lively and trendy bar located near the harbor on the east side of downtown.

The food here is amazing, but this spot has a party atmosphere that reaches beyond the taste buds. Take a seat in the patio and enjoy the live DJ.

Nomads is known for its cocktails, and we recommend getting anything with tequila in it: you’re in Mexico after all! There’s also a range of authentically cooked Mexican food, along with some delicious international options.

For after meal drinks …

Cancun Nightlife, Where the Party is At!

So, you’re fuelled with some delicious food and drink, it’s time to hit the next bar on your voyage through Cancun’s post-sundown delights.

Amarula Con Acento Tropical is a great next stop, trust us. Rustic-looking and full of character, this bar brings a touch of magic to your evening.

Order one of their expertly-made cocktails and enjoy a seat in their pale blue tiled courtyard, surrounded by palms and stone walls underneath fairy lights and Cancun’s clear night sky.

If you like al fresco dining with a touch of allure you won’t be disappointed here.

The main event …

Cancun Nightlife, Where the Party is At!

Your night has built up to this, and Coco Bongo won’t disappoint.

The crescendo that you’ve been waiting for is a mesmerizing show worthy of any city.

Arrive around 10:00 pm to secure a great spot and some drinks for when the acts at the central stage kick off at around 11.

You’ve got a lot to look forward to; expect flying acrobats, wacky bar-top conga lines, a lights show that’s out of this world, and energy levels that build onwards and upwards right until the finale. Over 30 artists contribute to putting on the show each night, and each and every one of them is worth their salt.

Doors close around 3:30am, but you don’t have to worry about transport home. The perfect place to finish the night, Coco Bongo is right in the hotel zone just a short walk from hotels like Krystal Cancun.

A night out in Cancun really can have it all. With restaurants that host a lively and sociable atmosphere, to bars that will swank up your night, to a show that goes way beyond the traditional, and voyages towards the dazzlingly theatrical, venture beyond dusk and Cancun can be as exciting in the night as during the day.

Once you’ve been to Cancun, you’ll realize that life really is better here. Take a look at our accommodation options to see how you could secure your own slice of paradise!

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