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11 Best things to do in Puerto Rico

Things to do in Puerto Rico

Located in the north-east of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico was originally inhabited by the Taíno Indians, who called it Borinquen, or ‘land of the great lords’.

Later taken by the Spaniards, it was named the ‘rich port’ – Puerto Rico – due to the amount of gold that could be found there.

It is just 100 miles long and 35 miles wide, yet still brimming with treasures – life, history, culture, and possibilities!

Take a look at some of our favorite things to do in Puerto Rico...

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

1. Visit Castillo San Felipe del Morro

This ancient citadel was one of the strongest defensive positions of the New World when Puerto Rico was Spain’s main military base in the Caribbean.

It remains undefeated by sea, and only defeated once on land.

Now, it is a world-famous UNESCO site, and simply one of the top things to do in Puerto Rico.

This fortress is not only a historical site, but also a scenic one, boasting incredible architecture and views out across the sea.

 things to do in Puerto Rico

2. Drink the local coffee

Pay a visit to Sandra Farms in the small mountainside municipality of Adjuntas.

Following a steep ride up the winding roads to the farm, take in the unbelievable view from the farmhouse deck as you enjoy their coffee and chocolate, and hear the history of Arabica coffee  and chocolate of Puerto Rico.

Then you can partake in a tour of the coffee plantations and processing plant, and experience roasting the coffee beans.

Sandra Farms is the number one destination in Puerto Rico for coffee lovers!

things to do in Puerto Rico.

3. Hike in El Yunque National Forest

If you’re looking to venture off the beaten path, take a hike through the exotic El Yunque National Forest.

Experience the sights and sounds of this rainforest wonderland, including the native Coqui tree frog, as you travel to a hidden waterfall only known by the locals with Jerry’s Adventures.

This family-friendly hike takes under an hour each way, with plenty of time to swim under the waterfall, and finishing with a post-hike meal at a local restaurant.

things to do in Puerto Rico.

4. Sample drinks at The Sangria Factory

Nestled in the heart of Puerto Rico is Caguas, a small but bustling city, and home to The Sangria Factory.

Here you can spend an hour or an entire afternoon learning about the history of Sangria, witnessing the creation process, and tasting their range of cocktails and shots, accompanied by a light food menu.

You’ll leave The Sangria Factory feeling happy and full – just make sure you have a designated driver!

things to do in Puerto Rico.

5. Try some watersports and visit a lighthouse

Head over to the west side of the island to the town of Rincon, where you can enjoy a range of watersports from with Rincon Paddle Boards.

Try your hand at kayaking, take a surfing lesson, or experiment with their new group paddle boards, which can carry up to 8 people at once!

For a really unforgettable experience, take a night tour with an LED-lit paddleboard!

While you’re over on this side of the island, be sure to check out the Punta Higuero Lighthouse too.

things to do in Puerto Rico.

6. Explore Old San Juan

Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Puerto Rico with a visit to Old San Juan.

Sights include the San Juan Bautista Cathedral, Christopher Columbus Square, the city wall, and La Fortaleza.

A walk through Old San Juan will take you through serpentine alleyways and busy plazas, past impressive architecture and strikingly hued houses.

Whether you opt to join a guided tour, or to just explore solo, this town is one to remember!

Be sure to allow a whole day and bring your camera along for this one as you’ll be making plenty of stops along the way – these colorful, cobblestone streets are profoundly photogenic!

things to do in Puerto Rico.

7. Visit Casa Bacardí

A household name in the world of alcohol, and a signature taste of the Caribbean – pop across the bay from Old San Juan to visit Casa Bacardí for historical tours, rum tastings, and mixology classes.

things to do in Puerto Rico.

8. Take a road trip along Ruta Panoramica

If you’re keen to see the most breathtaking views that Puerto Rico has to offer, take a short road trip along the spine of the island, Ruta Panoramica – literally, ‘the scenic route’ and one of our favorite things to do in Puerto Rico.

Some parts of this journey are so remote, you may not see another car for miles!

This is an excellent way to see the rural life in Puerto Rico, as well as providing some of the best photo opportunities.

There are plenty of places to stop for food and drink, but we suggest the towns of Jayuya and Adjuntas if you’re stopping for a meal.

This drive takes around six hours from end to end, but we recommend taking two days, allowing time to stop and see the sights.

The small town of Castaner makes for a great midway-point.

things to do in Puerto Rico.

9. Enjoy a Catamaran cruise

Sip a piña colada as you set sail from Fajardo on a luxurious catamaran and watch the views roll past! Venture into the Carlos Rosario reef for a spot of snorkeling, then tuck into a buffet lunch back on board as you are whisked away to the island of Culebra.

Here, you can spend a relaxing afternoon sunbathing and swimming at the spectacular Flamenco beach. If you are a beach lover, then this one of the top things to do in Puerto Rico.

things to do in Puerto Rico.

10. See the window cave

One of the most insprinig things to do in Puerto Rico, is visiting the municipality of Arecibo, where you can take a guided hike through the limestone cliffs as you learn about the Taino Indian background of the area.

Finally, you’ll reach the Cueva Ventana, or ‘Window Cave’, offering a staggering view of the Rio Grande de Arecibo valley which stretches out beneath you. 

things to do in Puerto Rico.

11. Taste the flavors of San Juan

Choose to experience the city through taste of its food tours.

You must try the mofongo (pictured above), a Puerto Rican signature.

If all this food is making you thirsty, you can try some local Puerto Rican coffee and learn to make your own mojitos!

Must of this culinary routes culminate with an indulgent dessert stop – delicious.

We know you can’t wait to explore Puerto Rico – neither can we! If you are looking for the best accomodation, check the best options that Latitude 21 Resorts has to offer!

Any other recommendation on the best things to do in Puerto Rico ? Post a comment below and let us know what we missed!

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